From Dan Kullman:

When we moved into our new custom built house we knew we were going to need outside expertise to turn our beautiful house into a beautiful home.   From the moment we began to work with Marion O’Brien from Swags Classic Interior Design, we knew we had made the right choice.   She had the ability to quickly understand our style and taste and then apply her expertise and creativity to help us choose the colors, drapes and artwork that would perfectly complement our home, furniture and décor.   Thanks to Marion we are now living in the beautiful home we had envisioned when we originally decided to build.   We have more projects to do around our home and look forward to working with Marion once again.


From Mrs. Jim Bridges, Kingwood:

I am not able to remember the exact date I began working with Swags, but it’s been many years ago! I was first impressed by how quickly Marion O’Brien identified the values held by my husband and me—simply by looking around at our then current home. I also appreciated the fact that she never pushed any products she might have for sale, but had one intention: to serve this new client.

Through the years, we made changes in our home décor. as children left home and our lifestyle changed; but I knew exactly who to call to help with new projects and changes or additions to décor. Being in the business, she always had a great reference of an individual or company we could trust.

 We recently moved into an independent living community which was a definite, but chosen lifestyle for us yet much less space. I knew who to call to help create the same warm, beautiful environment we had moved from. Yes, I had some ideas of what I wanted to keep for our now-smaller-home, but with Marion’s expert, creative suggestions, I had to purchase only one new product. All other decorations came directly from our previous home.

 She has not only done so much to enhance my everyday life by giving me enjoyment through the appearance of our homes, but has also become a dependable, trusted friend.

How could I not recommend Swags, Inc. to others!